New Geoscience: Expanding Exploration Space

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Speaker(s): Alexei Rukhlov, Ph.D. P.Geo Robert G. Lee Ph.D.
Chair(s): Adrian Hickin, and Luke Ootes, BC Geological Survey
Sponsor(s): OceanaGold Corporation

The New Geoscience Session (formerly Public Geoscience) will feature technical talks by government and university geoscientists.

New geoscience informs mineral exploration and can expand its footprint, underpinning a New Generation of Discovery. This session, Expanding Exploration Space, will communicate front-line geoscience initiatives that are helping expand the footprint of exploration across the northern Cordillera. Topics will cover deposit to regional scales, serving first-hand research on established and nascent deposits while engaging contemplation on new exploration environments.



Monday, Jan 22 (1:30 pm - 4:30 pm)


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Time Topic Speaker
Regional stratigraphic and tectonic setting of base metal occurrences in Yukon - Maurice Colpron (YGS)
Geological setting of gold-bearing vein occurrences in Eastern Yukon - David Moynihan (YGS)
Carlin-type gold in the eastern Rackla belt of north-central Yukon: geological setting, controls on ore style and geometry, and open questions - N. Pinet
Coffee Break
Tectonic controls and structural modification of porphyry and epithermal systems: examples from KSM, Red Mountain and Big Bulk, northwest British Columbia - Lori Kennedy (UBC)
Development of an integrated 3D model and distal expression of the Highland Valley Copper System, south-central British Columbia Robert G. Lee Ph.D.
Nickel: a Cordilleran perspective - Dejan Milidragovic (BCGS)
Tiny yet powerful - apatite for exploration Alexei Rukhlov, Ph.D. P.Geo
Sweat, sap and soil - what trees can reveal about hidden mineralization - Colin Dunn/David Heberlein