Passport to Explore: Display Rooms

Second Floor / Full Conference Pass

The Passport to Explore Floor will host Provincial, Territorial, and National geological surveys. These rooms provide dedicated spaces for delegates to meet and discuss exploration activities and opportunities with each of the jurisdictions. The floor will host the New Geoscience technical session on Monday afternoon and the Passport to Explore technical session on Tuesday morning.

New Geoscience Session

The New Geoscience Session (formerly Public Geoscience) will feature technical talks by government and university geoscientists. The topic will be new geoscience initiatives and research in the Cordillera area. The 2017 session will be broken into two themes, including: “Golden Cordillera” and “Geoscience for New Exploration”.

Adrian Hickin and Steve Irwin
Monday: 2:00 -3:20 Gold / 3:20-3:40 Coffee / 3:40-4:40 Metallogeny


Thursday, Jan 26 (9:00 am - 2:30 pm)


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