Project Generators Hub *New for 2018!

Exhibit Hall / All Passes Welcome
Chair(s): Matt Turner, Rockhaven Resources & Albert Chong, Wheaton Precious Metals
Sponsor(s): Strategic Metals Ltd.

The Project Generators Hub will feature six companies during each day of Roundup that specialize in generating exploration ideas and turning these ideas into active projects.  These ‘Project Generators,’ as they are known, typically maintain a portfolio of projects that can be advanced by creating joint-venture partnerships with other companies.  The project generator business model mitigates risk by exposing shareholders to the potential of multiple mineral discoveries, while conserving capital and managing equity dilution.  The Hub will allow each company to exhibit maps and rocks from properties they would like to option/joint venture.

As finding joint venture partners is a key component for a successful Project Generator, visitors to the Project Generators Hub would be all exploration and mining companies seeking new projects.  This will also interest students who wish to learn about how projects can be advanced from an idea to the drill stage.


Monday, Jan 22 - Wednesday, Jan 24 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)
Thursday, Jan 25 (9:00 am - 2:30 pm)


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Time Topic Speaker
Monday, Jan 22 Almadex Minerals Limited
Monday, Jan 22 Ely Gold Royalties Inc.
Monday, Jan 22 Transition Metals Corp.
Monday, Jan 22 GlobeTrotters Resource Group Inc.
Monday, Jan 22 Kivalliq Energy Corporation
Monday, Jan 22 San Marco Resources Inc.
Tuesday, Jan 23 Altius Minerals Corporation
Tuesday, Jan 23 Strategic Metals Ltd.
Tuesday, Jan 23 Evrim Resources Corp.
Tuesday, Jan 23 Millrock Resources Inc.
Tuesday, Jan 23 Renaissance Gold Inc.
Tuesday, Jan 23 Genesis Gold Corp.
Wednesday, Jan 24 Alianza Minerals Ltd.
Wednesday, Jan 24 Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.
Wednesday, Jan 24 Silver Range Resources Ltd.
Wednesday, Jan 24 Mirasol Resources Ltd.
Wednesday, Jan 24 Riverside Resources Inc.
Wednesday, Jan 24 Pacific Empire Minerals Corp.