Alexei Rukhlov

Provincial Geochemist, British Columbia Geological Survey
Speaking at: New Geoscience: Expanding Exploration Space

Alexei earned his PhD degree at St. Petersburg University in 1999, where he subsequently taught as a senior lecturer with the Department of Petrography before taking on a post-doctoral research with Professor Keith Bell studying radiogenic isotopic systematics in global carbonatites in the Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University. Later, Alexei lead a rare-metal exploration project in British Columbia with Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd. and was a minerals geologist with the Alberta Geological Survey. He joined British Columbia Geological Survey as a provincial geochemist in 2012. Alexei’s recent work concerns the development of new geochemical techniques for mineral exploration in the Canadian Cordillera, including Pb isotopes in till, trace elements in apatite, and alkaline rocks and carbonatites of the Blue River area in east-central British Columbia.