Christy Smith

Consultant, CSmith Consulting
Speaking at: AME’s The Gathering Place Gathering Place Indigenous Women in Minerals and Mining

Christy is a highly accomplished First Nation (Komox First Nation) professional with 20 years of proven expertise in consultation and stakeholder engagement. She has worked specifically in the mining industry for the last ten years in all phases of mining: exploration, construction, and operations. Strong communication, leadership, and organizational talents have led to the development of an extensive network of contacts and stakeholders. She is recognized for her professional and personal understanding of community, corporate social responsibility, and Indigenous culture.

Christy’s strength is her ability to communicate effectively (verbally and written); she is sought after for this skill and is currently teaching business and communication courses for Thompson Rivers University on the weekends.

Christy is an advocate for the development of open and mutually beneficial Indigenous and proponent relationships. She has successfully negotiated agreements for both exploration projects and operating mines. Where possible, she dedicates her time to support others in the industry and advocates for positive change.