Colleen Erickson

Natural Resource Manager, Nak'azdli Whut'en
Speaking at: Gathering Place Effective Indigenous Business Partnerships in Minerals and Mining AME’s The Gathering Place

Presently the Manager of the Natural Resource Department for Nak’azdli Whut’en, Colleen Erickson is committed to the age old environmental practices of the Dak’elh people; looking after the land in order that it may sustain us and future generations.  This commitment entails working with industry and other users of the land to ensure good environmental practice.  A former two-term Chief of Saik’uz First Nation, Colleen Erickson is a recognized community leader, veteran member of the RCMP and instructs part time at the local college, mostly in Aboriginal Studies (ABST).  She brings a wealth of negotiation, financial administrationon, mediation and leadership skills to her work in Natural Resources.

A Dak’elh grandmother (Ut’soo) from the Nak’azdli community and member of the Lasilyu (Frog) Clan, Colleen spends a lot of time on the land with her family to ensure the teachings are carried on to the younger generations.  Colleen brings a Master’s degree in Education focused on traditional philosophies of Carrier teachings and extensive cultural and traditional knowledge to the Natural Resources Department.  Colleen is an active community member and she believes that cultural identity which is tied directly to the land is the foundation of health, wellness and sustainability for the people and the land.