Dejan Milidragovic

Senior Minerals Geologist, Nickel, British Columbia Geological Survey
Speaking at: New Geoscience: Expanding Exploration Space

Dejan Milidragovic is a Senior Minerals Geologist with the British Columbia Geological Survey, specializing in petrology of igneous rocks. Dejan’s main interests pertain to mantle-derived mafic magmas, including: their intrinsic properties (T, fO2, a(H2O)) and evolution during ascent through the crust; processes by which they concentrate precious and base metals; and the information that they carry about the Earth’s unexposed mantle. Dejan joined the BCGS in November of 2016 and has focused on the province’s nickel potential. Prior to joining the BCGS and following the completion of his Ph.D. degree at McGill University in 2014, Dejan was part of the Geological Survey of Canada’s “porphyry transitions” GEM-2 team in northwestern British Columbia.