Fabien Rabayrol

PhD Candidate, Mineral Deposit Research Unit at UBC
Speaking at: The Geology of Zinc Deposits (MDRU)

Fabien Rabayrol is a PhD Candidate at the Mineral Deposit Research Unit at the University of British Columbia. He obtained his Master’s degree from the Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais in France in 2011. He subsequently worked for Balmoral Resources Ltd. in Québec and Teck Resources Ltd. in Turkey as field geologist on grassroot exploration programs. Fabien is currently working on the tectonic-magmatic evolution of the Anatolide-Tauride metallogenic belt in Turkey as a part of the industry-sponsored MDRU – Western Tethyan Metallogeny project supervised by Dr. Craig Hart and Dr. Aleksandar Mišković. In March 2016, Fabien and his team (Data Miners) won 2nd place in the Integra Gold Rush Challenge by developing an innovative combination of 3D geological modelling and “machine learning” algorithm to extract useful information from Integra Gold’s database (6 To) and discover new potential mineralized zones at Sigma-Lamaque mine (Québec).