Julie Hunt

MDRU Research Associate, Geometallurgy, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, University of British Columbia
Speaking at: Thinking Geomet? Think ROCK Characterization!

Julie Hunt leads MDRU’s Geometallurgy Initiative and provide leadership to research projects and facilitate training opportunities with industry. Julie comes to MDRU with considerable experience in porphyry and gold deposits from her previous positions with GeMMe at the University of Liege, and with CODES at the University of Tasmania.


Check out Julie’s recent publication:

Geological Contributions to Geometallurgy: A Review Julie A. Hunt and Ron F. Berry, Geoscience Canada 2017, v. 44, No. 3
Geometallurgy is a cross-disciplinary science that addresses the problem of teasing out the features of the rock mass that significantly influence mining and processing. Rocks are complex composite mixtures for which the basic building blocks are grains of minerals. The properties of the minerals, how they are bound together and many other aspects of rock texture affect the entire mining value chain from exploration, through mining and processing, waste and tailings disposal, to refining and sales. This review presents rock properties (e.g. strength, composition, mineralogy, texture) significant in geometallurgy and examples of test methods available to measure or predict these properties.