Luke Ootes

M.Sc., P.Geo., Senior Minerals Geologist, Gold Metallogeny, British Columbia Geological Survey
Speaking at: New Geoscience

Luke Ootes joined the BC Geological Survey in 2015 as a Senior Minerals Geologist, specializing in gold metallogeny. Previously he spent 12 years with the Government of the Northwest Territories, first bedrock mapping as a Project Geologist and then conducting metallogenic studies as the NWT’s Metallogenist/Mineral Deposits Geologist. While historically a Precambrian geologist, he is a recognized expert in bedrock mapping and mineral deposit-focussed research, particularly collaborative studies conducted in remote locations. His interest and expertise generally crosses geological disciplines and is directed at unravelling the intimate relationship of ore formation and tectonic evolution (i.e. metallogeny). In 2015 he was recognized with the William Harvey Gross medal from GAC-Mineral Deposits Division for contributions to economic geology from a young scientist.