Neil Adshead

Investment Strategist, Sprott Asset Management LP
Speaking at: Commodities and Financial Markets

Neil Adshead joined Sprott Asset Management LP in January 2012. Over the past 20 years, Neil has built an extensive network in both the mining and investment sectors.

Prior to joining Sprott, Neil was a senior mining analyst with Passport Capital, a San Francisco-based global investment firm. At Passport Capital, he was responsible for investment origination and tracking, trading recommendations, technical reviews and project site visits. Previously, Neil spent 10 years in corporate, exploration and mine geology roles for Placer Dome subsidiaries in Canada, Australia and Papua New Guinea. At the time, Placer Dome was one of the largest gold, silver and copper mining companies in the world.

Neil was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Economic Geology from James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia, in 1995. He worked for a year as a mud logger and data engineer on North Sea oil rigs for a Schlumberger subsidiary, after receiving a First Class Honours degree in Earth Sciences from Birmingham University in the UK and before commencing the Ph.D. research project.