Regional Chief Shane Gottfriedson

Regional Chief, BC Assembly of First Nations
Speaking at: AME’s The Gathering Place

Regional Chief Shane Gottfriedson of the BC Assembly of First Nations represents the 203 First Nations in BC at the provincial and national level. In June 2015, the Regional Chief was elected on a six-point platform that is community driven, made in British Columbia, and that takes a Nation approach. BCAFN staff, under Chief Gottfriedson’s leadership are working hard to implement this plan to create a better quality of life for BC First Nations. The six pillars of the Plan are: (1) Giving expression to Aboriginal Title, Rights, and Treaty Rights; (2) Ensuring Health, Wellness, and Good Governance; (3) Protecting and Promoting Language, Traditions, and Culture; (4) Promoting Life-long Learning; (5) Protection of Children, Youth, Elders, and Family; and (6) Safeguarding our Resources, Participating in the Economy. The underlying premise of this plan is to support and empower First Nations communities and citizens based on their distinct path forward.

Prior to his role as Regional Chief, Shane Gottfriedson served 4 terms, a total of 12 years, as Chief of the Tk’emlúps Indian Band situated in the traditional territory of the Secwe̓pemc people. Shane has also served as the Tribal Chief for the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council which concentrates on advancing Aboriginal rights and title by focusing on unity and shared territory.