Robert G. Lee

Lead Researcher, Highland Valley Copper, Mineral Deposit Research Unit, University of British Columbia
Speaking at: New Geoscience: Expanding Exploration Space

Robert received his Ph.D. at Oregon State University in 2008 where he worked on two projects, the formation and mineral chemistry of the El Salvador porphyry copper deposit in northern Chile and mapping the clay alteration and geology around Lassen Volcano in northern California. Upon completion of his dissertation he worked with Freeport McMoran Inc. where he was part of the greenfields exploration team. While at Freeport he worked on multiple greenfield and brownfield projects in North America, the Philippines, and Europe. During his tenure he ran drill programs, soil and biogeochem sampling, QAQC on all lithochem sampling for North America and modeling of exploration targets.

In 2014 he joined the MDRU group at UBC as the lead researcher for the Highland Valley Copper component of the broader NSERC-CMIC footprints project, a large scale multi-collaborative endeavor to define new innovative methods to recognise the distal expression and vectoring towards economic ore deposits. The project encompasses three field sites within Canada (U, Au, & Cu) and Robert provides logistical and direct support for all research conducted at the Cu-site as well as participating indirectly at the other two sites.