Thomas Bissig

Rearch Associate, Mineral Deposit Research Unit at UBC
Speaking at: The Geology of Zinc Deposits (MDRU)

Over 17 years of experience working on porphyry, epithermal, VMS, and carbonate rock hosted systems, on both, mineral exploration and academic research. Skills include mapping of hydrothermal systems, igneous and exploration geochemistry, regional metallogenesis and integration of observations and geochemical, geophysical, geochronological and geological data at different scales to generate exploration models. Extensive experience in the Andes of Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia as well as British Columbia, Canada. Proven track record of generating and coordinating collaborative research with industry partners. Extensive experience teaching short courses in industry and academic settings on a variety of topics including metallogenesis, porphyry and epithermal systems and geochemistry. Author of more than 20 peer reviewed journal articles.