Wouter Bleeker

Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada
Speaking at: Canadian Highlights

Wouter Bleeker is a scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa. He obtained degrees in geology and ore petrology from the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In collaboration with industry, his M.Sc. degree involved unravelling the structure and stratigraphy of an ore-bearing horizon in the Bergslagen mining district, central Sweden, where his work contributed to the discovery and economic mineral extraction of a massive sulphide deposit. He then spent two years in southern Africa as a lecturer at the University of Botswana. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of New Brunswick with a dissertation on the structure and stratigraphy of the Thompson Nickel Belt and its nickel sulphide deposits. Following his Ph.D., he joined Falconbridge Exploration as their in-house structural specialist, before coming to the GSC in 1994. With the GSC, and a through a number of global collaborations, he has worked on numerous Precambrian terrains and cratons around the world, notably the Slave, Superior and Yilgarn cratons.