AME Roundup Blog

Welcome to the AME Roundup blog! We are so glad you stopped by. Below you’ll find a few reasons as to why we launched this blog, fun blog posts to look forward to, and some features you should check out on our new website.

Why we are Blogging

The AME Roundup Committee works hard to spread the word about Roundup! We send you news-blasts, post on our social media, and include information in our E-News to get you excited about the conference’s events and let you know what great mineral exploration leaders will be joining us in January. So, why a blog? Because a blog is where we can have some fun, and where we can have a conversation! In fact, the blog will include posts from AME committee members, AME Roundup speakers, AME staff and even you! That’s right, interested in contributing to the blog? Contact [email protected] to chat about a blog idea or submit a post.

Posts to Look Forward to

From taking you behind the scenes as we prepare to take over the Vancouver Convention Centre, to Q&A’s with keynote speakers on why they are excited for the conference, to a top 5 list on where to go for happy hour in Vancouver – the AME Roundup blog will be your go-to for getting information on all things Roundup and tips for all conference attendees.

Blog Talk

Use this blog as a place to comment, converse, contribute and provide your perspective on the posts’ topic.

Features on our new website

I don’t know if you noticed, but we have revamped our AME Roundup website. Here are the top three website features you should check out (besides this new fabulous blog!):

  1. Mobile responsive design – page through the AME Roundup website easily on your phone or iPad. We’ve made sure that it works seamlessly on any device.
  2. Schedule at a glance – plan your time at AME Roundup easily with our schedule at a glance that allows you to explore sessions and add events to your calendar.
  3. Speakers – We are extremely proud of and grateful to our wonderful speakers who help make Roundup a success year after year. That’s why we are profiling them a lot more on the new website. You can find the speakers on the AME Roundup homepage and also under the program tab here.

-Allie Meeres, AME Staff