Invitation from the Roundup Committee Chair

We geoscientists are born explorers- venturing into the unknown, peering beneath the surface to discover the next big deposit. As mining around the world expands and matures, this becomes more challenging and we must learn to look at our industry from new perspectives and create new technologies to assist us in our discoveries. For the past 36 years, the Mineral Exploration Roundup has been a place where we can gather to learn from one another, celebrate our successes and put our heads together to visualize how to surmount the challenges facing the mining industry. We can recharge ourselves to fuel the search for future mineral discoveries.

Honouring this year’s theme, Lens on Discovery, AME is proud to present keynote speakers, short courses, technical sessions, core shacks, student resources and public outreach programs that encourage looking deeper, changing viewpoints and identifying new opportunities and untapped potential within our industry, and ourselves as professionals.

For Roundup 2020, we are excited to offer a short course on Machine Learning, a subject that has been of great interest and curiosity. Together with courses on porphyry and epithermal targeting, we believe there will be something for everyone. The Innovation Hub has been growing in popularity over the past few years and will focus on the application of geophysics amongst other new technologies. We also encourage you to visit the Project Generator’s Hub and Prospectors’ Tent to find your next potential project; while the Gathering Place provides a welcoming space for indigenous, political and industry leaders. For hands on geology, the Core Shack runs all four days in the Exhibit Hall and is always a must-see.

On behalf of the AME, I welcome you to the Mineral Exploration Roundup 2020. We hope you enjoy an incredible conference that leaves you inspired, renewed and ready to discover for another year.

Dale Mah, Endeavour Silver Corporation, Chair, Roundup 2020 Organizing Committee