AME’s Early Engagement Decision Tree Tool

East Convention Level / Exhibit Hall - East Ballroom C
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Speaker(s): Robin Sydneysmith PhD Heidi Klein
Chair(s): Lana Eagle, Lana Eagle Consulting
Sponsor(s): Teck Resources Limited New Gold Inc. Seabridge Gold Inc.

AME created a tool to help junior explorers and prospectors navigate the complexities of early engagement. This session will walk through the newly created tool, discuss some of the more intricate and sensitive steps and request feedback on possible updates of the future.


Robin Sydneysmith | Associate Partner | Hatfield Consultants

Heidi Klein | President | Sanammanga Solutions Inc.

Maggie Layman | Vice President, Exploration | Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd.

Janet Mackenzie | President | Question Everything Inc.


Wednesday, Jan 22 (1:30 pm - 2:30 pm)


East Convention Level
Exhibit Hall - East Ballroom C


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