Ancient and Modern Volcanic-hosted Massive Sulfide (VHMS) Deposits

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Speaker(s): J. Bruce Gemmell

Full 2-day Course Cost: Regular – $693 (includes GST); Students $199.50 (limited spaces)

Course Description:

This short course will include an overview of the geology, genesis, and exploration for volcanic-hosted massive sulfide (VHMS) deposits, including ancient and modern examples. Topics to be covered include general features, classification and genetic models; deposits through time; hydrothermal alteration and geochemistry; and exploration techniques/strategies. VHMS deposits discussed come from Canada (Noranda, Bathurst, Cordillera), Australia, USA, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Eretria, and Russia. The short course will end with an examination of modern, seafloor, mineralizing hydrothermal systems and a comparison of these to the ancient deposits.

Top Take-Aways:

  • Geology and genesis of volcanic-hosted massive sulfide (VHMS) deposits
  • Nature of VHMS deposits through earth’s history
  • Exploration techniques and strategies
  • Analogous modern, seafloor hydrothermal systems

Who should attend:

This course is intended for professional geologists, as well as postgraduate students, who are interested in the geology, genesis and exploration potential of volcanic-hosted massive sulfide (VHMS) deposits.


Saturday, Jan 26 - Sunday, Jan 27 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC
East Meeting Level


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Time Topic Speaker
8:30am VHMS deposits – Introduction (general features, classification, geodynamic settings) J. Bruce Gemmell
10:00am Morning break
10:30am VHMS deposits – Genetic models J. Bruce Gemmell
12:00pm Lunch break
1:00pm Archean–Proterozoic VHMS deposits (Canada, Australia, Eretria) J. Bruce Gemmell
2:30pm Afternoon Break
3:00pm Paleozoic VHMS deposits (Australia, Canada, Russia, Spain-Portugal) J. Bruce Gemmell

Schedule (Day Two)

Time Topic Speaker
8:30am Mesozoic –Tertiary VHMS deposits (Canada, USA, Japan) J. Bruce Gemmell
10:00am Morning Break
10:30am Hydrothermal alteration and geochemistry J. Bruce Gemmell
12:00pm Lunch Break
1:00pm Exploring for VHMS deposits (geological, geochemical and geophysical criteria) J. Bruce Gemmell
2:30pm Afternoon Break
3:00pm Modern seafloor hydrothermal systems J. Bruce Gemmell