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Speaker(s): Tara Christie, M.Sc., P.Eng Bruce W. Downing Malcolm Dorsey M.SC. GEO Eric Buitenhuis Charlie Greig
Chair(s): Thomas Branson, Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd. and Matt Dumala, ARCHER CATHRO & ASSOCIATES
Sponsor(s): Macquarie PearTree Securities

This session covers a broad region in western North America with a diverse geologic history. This year’s focus will be on a selection of exciting and innovative exploration programs across a range of commodities and deposit types in BC, Yukon, and Alaska.


Thursday, Jan 21 (9:00 am - 10:30 am PST)




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Time Topic Speaker Affiliation
9:00 AM-9:05 AM Opening Remarks Roundup Chair(s)
9:05 AM-9:20 AM AurMac Gold Deposit: Building a Successful Geological Model from a Geochemical Database for Intrusion Related, Stratigraphically Controlled Gold Mineralization in a Mature Precious Metals District, Mayo, Yukon Tara Christie, M.Sc., P.Eng Banyan Gold
9:20 AM-9:35 AM Tatogga Project Discovery Story Charlie Greig GT Gold
9:35 AM-9:50 AM Geology of the Lawyers Project: Gold and Silver Within the Toodoggone District of British Columbia Malcolm Dorsey M.SC. GEO Benchmark Metals
9:50 AM-10:05 AM Tibbs Gold Project – Mineralization Styles and the Gneiss Frontier Eric Buitenhuis Tectonic Metals
10:05 AM-10:20 AM N’tsi Tatay - A New Look at Windy Craggy Bruce W. Downing Independent Consultant
10:20 AM-10:30 AM Q&A and Closing Remarks