Additions to the Geoscience Toolbox

Exhibit Hall / Innovation Stage
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Speaker(s): Gabe Fortin Alexei Rukhlov Greg Dipple Graham Hill Brett Elliot Beth McClenaghan Lara Lewis Dianne Mitchinson Ally Brown Travis Ferbey
Chair(s): Jessica Norris & Fil Ferri, BC Geological Survey; Carolyn Relf, Yukon Geological Survey

Held on the Exhibit Hall floor on the Innovation Stage, this session will highlight innovations in public geoscience.

Assembling new tools for your ‘Exploration Toolbox’, presenters will share results from recent innovative geoscience projects across Canada and deliver talks featuring new methodologies that support the mineral exploration and mining industries. Speakers represent national, provincial, and territorial geological surveys, Universities, and Canadian research agencies.


Tuesday, Jan 29 (1:15 pm - 4:00 pm)


Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Pl, Vancouver,
Exhibit Hall
Innovation Stage

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Time Topic Speaker
1:15 PM Digitizing BC Assessment Report Data Gabe Fortin
1:30 PM No More Noodling in the Data Swamp Lara Lewis
1:45 PM Maps, Apps, and Publications: Tools to discover geoscience information in Yukon Brett Elliot
2:00 PM An Open Source Geophysical Toolkit for Geologists Dianne Mitchinson
2:15 PM An integrated approach to geophysically characterising the mantle and lower crustal conditions and processes responsible for the distribution of mineral endowment within Archean greenstone belts Graham Hill
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Carbon sequestration in ultramafic mine tailings: opportunities for BC Greg Dipple
3:00 PM Is there an ideal till sample? – comparing sample site observations with sequential leach determinations to assess sample quality, west-central British Columbia Travis Ferbey
3:15 PM Mineral markers of porphyry Cu mineralization Beth McClenaghan
3:30 PM In-field identification of indicator minerals using pXRF: a new efficient tool for prospectors Alexei Rukhlov
3:45 PM Strategies for the discovery of buried Cu deposits in tectonic active terrains Ally Brown