Innovation Stage: Geophysics Session

East Convention Level / Innovation Stage
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Chair(s): Brendan Howe, Teck Resources Ltd, BC Geophysical Society
Sponsor(s): Eldorado Gold Corporation Dentons

This session has been curated by the BC Geophysical Society to showcase the latest advances in exploration geophysics. Presentations will range from using geophysical data and AI at the drill rig to hybrid inversion of airborne and borehole vector magnetics. The session will also include seismic exploration case studies, the application of AI and machine learning for targeting, and how HeliSAM has been used in the Abitibi.

10:00 AM – Disrupting the Core Shack
Vince Gerrie | President | KORE GeoSystems

10:24 AM – Directly Imaging Alteration Using Seismic Reflection
Greg Turner | Principal Geophysicist | HiSeis PTY Ltd

10:48 AM – Getting more out of drill hole survey data: Refining depth resolution of a magnetic data inversion with borehole magnetic vector data at the Nickel Mountain project, BC
Thomas Campagne | Geophysicist | Mira Geosciences

11:12 AM – Exploring under conductive clay cover: Galvanic HeliSAM case studies from Australia and Canada using the magnetometric conductivity technique
Dennis Woods | President | Discovery Int’l Geophysics

11:36 AM – Novel applications of machine learning in the natural resource industry
Mike McMillan | Senior Geophysicist | Computational Geosciences


Wednesday, Jan 22 (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)


East Convention Level
Innovation Stage


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