Discovery Through Cover Using Geochemistry: A Global Context (MDRU)

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Speaker(s): Peter Winterburn

Presented by: UBC’s Mineral Deposit Research Unit

Cost: Early Bird – $829.50; Regular – $934.50; Students – $199.50 (limited spaces) – all fees include taxes.
Early-bird discounts available until mid-December. MDRU membership discounts also available

Course Description:

Transported and highly weathered overburden remains an impediment to the discovery of mineral deposits across the globe. Geochemistry has been a major and successful component of mineral discovery in residual terrains, however its application in transported overburden is poorly understood, poorly executed and often contentious in application and interpretation. This short course will examine through practical case studies combined with clear theory and geochemical principles, the application of exploration geochemistry in transported overburden within four different climatic / tectonic regions:

  • Northern latitudes, stable continental, concealed by till – Canada; Scandinavia, Russia
  • Arid/hyper-arid deserts, tectonically active/inactive – Chile, Mexico, SW-USA, Namibia;
  • Tropical, stable continental, deeply weathered – Central Africa, central-NE S. America;
  • Arid, Stable continental, deeply weathered – Australia, West Africa.

Who should attend:

Geologists, junior Geochemists, Exploration managers, Project managers.
The course is aimed at providing the exploration geologist / manager with a suite of common sense applied geochemical exploration tools applicable to the different environmental regions.

Top 5 Take-aways:

  • Basic principles of Exploration Geochemistry and anomaly formation
  • Development of the current surface environment, impact on geochemistry
  • Sampling media, sample program design, appropriate analytical techniques
  • Data interpretation in the context of the environment
  • Pitfalls and inappropriate applications to avoid
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Saturday, Jan 26 - Sunday, Jan 27 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


BCIT Downtown Campus (Room Number: TBA)
555 Seymour St, Vancouver,


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