Carlin Gold and Other Sediment-Hosted Ore Deposits (SEG)

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Speaker(s): John Muntean David Rhys Nicolas Pinet

Presented by: Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)

Full 2-day Course Cost: Regular – $829 (includes GST); Students $199.50 (limited spaces)

John Muntean, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada Reno
David Rhys, Consulting Structural Geologist
Nicolas Pinet, Geological Survey of Canada

This one and a half day short course is aimed at geologists who are both experienced in the geology and exploration of Carlin-type gold deposits. In the first day, John Muntean will introduce the features of Carlin-type gold deposits including their geologic setting, ore paragenesis, and hydrothermal alteration, with an emphasis on the large deposits in Nevada. He will cover targeting criteria for exploration at multiple scales. He will then summarize the features of intrusion-related carbonate-hosted distal disseminated deposits and epithermal deposits, emphasizing the likely spectrum with Carlin-type gold deposits.. Lastly he will summarize genetic models, emphasizing the like spectrum. On the morning of the second day, David Rhys will cover the structural controls on ore in Carlin-type deposits. Finally, Nicolas Pinet will present preliminary results of the Geological Society of Canada ongoing study of the Carlin-type gold deposits in the Rackla Belt of the Yukon.


Saturday, Jan 26 - Sunday, Jan 27 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


East Meeting Level


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Time Topic Speaker
8:30am Introduction and Tectonic and Geologic Setting of Carlin-type Gold Deposits John Muntean
9:30am Geology and Controls on Carlin-type Gold Deposits John Muntean
10:30am Morning Break
10:45am Structural Controls on Carlin-type deposits in Nevada and China David Rhys
1:30pm Hydrothermal Alteration and Mineralization Features John Muntean
2:30pm Afternoon Break
2:45pm Case study: Turquoise Ridge high-grade Carlin-type gold deposit John Muntean
3:45pm Geochemical Footprints: District Scale at Jerritt Canyon and Deposit Scale at Turquoise Ridge John Muntean

Schedule (Day Two)

Time Topic Speaker
8:30am Carlin-type deposits of North-Central Yukon Nicolas Pinet
10:45am The Continua between Carlin-type Gold Deposits and Distal Disseminated Gold-Silver and Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposits in Nevada John Muntean
11:30am Genetic Models for Carlin-type deposits John Muntean
12:00pm The Carlin Gold System: Applications to Exploration in Nevada and Beyond John Muntean