Social Innovation in Establishing and Maintaining a Social License

Exhibit Hall / Innovation Stage
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Speaker(s): Ian Thomson Michael Choi Catherine Tegelberg Mariana Fregonese Robert Simpson Monica Moretto Simon Chorley Don Clarke Shannon Bard Silvana Costa

Sponsor(s): Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc.

Moderated by: Mike Choi | Hemmera and Shannon Bard | Hemmera

Simon Chorley | International Programs Manager | UNICEF Canada
Don Clarke | President | CES Canada
Silvana Costa | Director, Corporate Social Responsibility | First Majestic Silver
Mariana Fregonese | Vice President, Social Responsibility | Great Panther Mining
Monica Moretto | Vice President, Social Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion | Pan American Silver
Robert Simpson | CEO | PR Associates
Catherine Tegelberg | Corporate Social Responsibility Manager | Newmont Goldcorp

The mineral exploration and development industry is a key leader in social innovation here in Canada and around the world, where exploration and mining projects can make a difference to the communities and Indigenous peoples where they operate. This session will examine the theme of establishing and maintaining a social license to operate both in Canada and internationally by highlighting successful examples and exploring the future of innovative approaches to social engagement. A keynote speaker will set the stage for two panel discussions – one on establishing a social license and the other on maintaining a social license – during exploration and development projects.

Theme – Successes and Innovations in Establishing and Maintaining a Social License to Explore and Operate

Sub-themes we will explore:

  • Approaches and practices in BC versus international
  • Successful past and present examples – case studies
  • Future innovations in social license to explore and operate


Thursday, Jan 23 (10:00 am - 12:30 pm)


Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC
Exhibit Hall
Innovation Stage

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Time Topic Speaker Affiliation
10:00 AM Introduction
10:10 AM Keynote
10:30 AM Panel 1 – Establishing Acceptance
11:20 AM Panel 2 – Maintaining Acceptance
12:10 PM Future of Mining – Thinking outside the Pit
12:25 PM Concluding Comments