Speaker Spotlight – New Innovations in Geology and Operations – Marigold Mine, Nevada

Exhibit Hall / Innovation Stage
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Speaker(s): Carl Edmunds Liezl Van Wyk

Sponsor(s): SSR Mining Inc.

SSR Mining’s Marigold Mine, Nevada – New Innovations and Operations

Top three takeaways:

  • Recent geological mapping, combined with three dimensional modelling of the multi-million ounce Marigold Deposit, has recognized important relationships between early folding and prospective stratigraphic horizons in controlling gold mineralization.
  • Innovations in data management – Bringing live operational data into the field by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Use of mobile devices to equip and empower frontline leaders to make real time operating decisions during their shifts



Monday, Jan 28 (2:00 pm - 2:50 pm)


Exhibit Hall
Innovation Stage

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