Tahltan – A History

East Convention Level / East Ballroom C
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Speaker(s): P. Jerry Asp Chad Norman Day
Chair(s): Lana Eagle, Lana Eagle Consulting; Kendra Johnston, AME
Sponsor(s): Teck Resources Limited New Gold Inc. Seabridge Gold Inc.

The Tahltan have a long history in exploration and mining in their Territory and have for a long time successful worked along side industry partners. This presentation will tell the story of Tahltan’s exploration and mining history, trials and tribulations encountered along the way and how they have come to be leaders in the industry.

Moderator: Lana Eagle, Lana Eagle Consulting


Jerry Asp | Chairperson & CEO | Global Indigenous Development Trust

Chad Day | President | Tahltan Central Government


Tuesday, Jan 21 (10:15 am - 11:00 am)


Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Pl, Vancouver,
East Convention Level
East Ballroom C

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