Vectoring to and within Porphyry Copper Systems (SC5)

Off-Site / BCIT Downtown Campus, Room 280/282
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Speaker(s): Dr. Craig Hart Robert G. Lee Farhad Bouzari Dianne Mitchinson

Presented by: UBC MDRU


Porphyry copper systems can be huge, but form a predictable set of features that are related to ore formation, the cooling of hydrothermal fluids, and their reactions with the host rocks. Smart Exploration Geologists can exploit this predictability if they can recognize these features. This course will explain the patterns, trends and geometry of porphyry system geology, mineralization and vein types, alteration assemblages, mineralogy, geochemistry, physical properties and geophysical signatures, and the tools and methods to use them. This critical information, once integrated, forms the foundation to improved exploration decision-making to vector towards the central and more highly-mineralized part of the porphyry system.

Course will include two-full days of catering (coffee breaks & lunches).

Top Takeaways

  • Porphyry systems are large and zoned – don’t get lost, be able to recognize the patterns
  • Veins, styles of mineralization and alteration generally form predictable patterns
  • Mineralogical, spectral, geochemical, petrophysical and geophysical patterns each tell a story
  • Integration and interpretation of observations and data will illuminate the path
  • Hands on exercises with classic rock samples in the context of deposits provides direct learnings

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Saturday, Jan 18 - Sunday, Jan 19 (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)


BCIT Downtown Campus, Room 280/282


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