Our decision to cancel the in-person portion of AME Roundup 2022 and switch to a fully virtual conference as we did in 2021 will be guided by emergency orders, health orders, and recommendations made by the Canadian, British Columbia, and local governments. In the case of a full or partial cancellation of the in-person portion of Roundup, all programming including ticketed events will transition to the fully virtual platform for Roundup or be postponed to a later date.

For individual delegates who purchase a full in-person and virtual pass, you will be offered a partial registration refund and transition to the fully virtual platform for Roundup. See the AME Roundup 2022 – Delegate Terms & Conditions for details.

Booth exhibitors will be transitioned to the fully virtual platform and may be refunded for the in-person portion of their booth. Booth exhibitors who choose not to participate virtually may apply to cancel their booth in writing and will be subject to a fee. See the AME Roundup 2022 – Exhibitor Terms and Conditions for details.

For our valued sponsors, we will do our best to accommodate all benefits in the online platform. Each sponsorship agreement will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with sponsors as each sponsorship agreement is unique.