Invitation from the Roundup Committee Chair

What a difference a year makes. I recall vividly the optimism coming out of Roundup 2020 leading into PDAC. Many of us were optimistic that stronger commodity prices would persist and that 2020 would once again be a good year for the mineral exploration and mining industry. COVID-19 seemed like a foreign disease, people were still shaking hands, and masks were something to wear on Halloween.

Wow, how things change…

As I sit here writing this Welcome Letter, I cannot help but wonder what January 2021 will look like. Will there be a vaccine? Who will be the President of the United States of America? When will I be able to go to a hockey game? Or dust off my passport and sit on a crowded airplane? These are the uncertainties that people face in everyday life, and I think that this is a challenge that geoscientists have been training for. The mineral exploration industry, by default, is filled with unknowns and I believe our community have been well trained – plan for the best, prepare for the worst, and expect the unexpected.

What I do know, is that this conference will continue, and the Roundup Organizing Committee is excited to be a part of this memorable, first-time-ever, virtual Roundup conference. Will it be different? Will there be challenges? Of course, but there will also be success and opportunity. Change is inevitable and the mining industry, together with the talented geoscientists and engineers, will rise to the occasion. This is the nature of our business, to innovate while Leading Through Change, which is this year’s theme.

For Roundup 2021, I am very pleased to say that we are offering virtual experiences of nearly every session that you have grown to enjoy. Short courses that focus on various deposit models, tools for exploration, and regulatory concerns. The Project Generator’s Hub, Prospectors’ Tent and Poster Session will continue to be a source for new ideas; while the Gathering Place provides a welcoming space for Indigenous, political and industry leaders to learn from one another. For hands on geology, the virtual Core Shack will continue to run and is always a must-see.

On behalf of the AME, I welcome you to AME Remote Roundup 2021. We hope you enjoy an incredible conference that leaves you inspired, renewed and ready to discover for another year.

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