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Why is Physical Activity important?

Exercise and physical activity are great ways to feel better, boost your health and have fun. Studies have shown that exercise increases energy, improves moods, promotes better sleep, allows for sharper focus, and combats health conditions. No matter your current fitness level, you stand to benefit from exercise.
To get over the slump that is slowing you down, you just need to take that first step.
Here are a few challenges and videos to get you started!


Plank Challenge

Planks engage all your major core muscles which will improve your ability to lift weights.
Planks also burn calories and will help improve posture and balance.

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Staircase Workout

Stair climbing is a great way to boost cardiovascular health, build muscle and strengthen the core.

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Running – 5K Training Plan

A basic run schedule to prepare you to run 5 KM in 6 weeks.

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Yoga With Adriene: 12 Min Yoga for Brain Power

Yoga for Brain Power! Use this rejuvenating yoga break for an instant cognitive boost. This flow is great for increasing fresh blood and oxygen to your beautiful brain.

YFitness: Core Workout

This 15 minute core workout is built on 10 variations of planks.  Different progressions are shown so this workout is suitable for all exercises with experience.  No equipment needed.

YFitness: Chair Workout to Activate All your Muscles!

In this 20 minute class, Chico creates a chair based workout that will help you activate and strengthen all your major muscle groups. The majority of movements are performed seated but Chico does challenge participants by including sit to stand elements. A sturdy chair with arms is recommended to complete all movements in this class. This workout is suitable for our less mobile participant but with good effort and focus can add excellent muscle activation benefits for all of our Gentle Fit audience.