Project Generators Hub

The Project Generators Hub will feature seven companies daily that specialize in generating exploration ideas and turning these ideas into active projects.  These ‘Project Generators,’ as they are known, typically maintain a portfolio of projects that can be advanced by creating joint-venture partnerships with other companies.  The project generator business model mitigates risk by exposing shareholders to the potential of multiple mineral discoveries, while conserving capital and managing equity dilution.  The Hub will allow each company to exhibit maps and rocks from properties they would like to option/joint venture.




Apply for the Project Generators Hub for Roundup 2021.

Selection Process

The Roundup Project Generator Committee will determine who is featured and on which days. Selected projectors will be formally confirmed to participate via letter from the Committee.


Each confirmed company will be allocated one 6’ x 6’ counter-top high table for display materials. Power is available for laptops and other electronic devices and an internet connection can be purchased fro the Vancouver Convention Centre. Once confirmed, participating companies will be sent an exhibitor kit with information on shipping and ordering additional booth space items.


Roundup 2021 Costs to be confirmed – please check back later. However, all confirmed Project Generator participants will be required to purchase a Roundup 2021 Exhibit Hall or Full Delegate pass in order to access the exhibit hall in the ‘attendees’ category. Stay tuned for Roundup 2021 passes.


Exhibitor Kit

Exhibitor Kit will be available in the fall.


Questions can be directed to Savannah Nadeau, AME Manager, Events at [email protected]