Alan Young

Director, Materials Efficiency Research Group
Speaking at: Government-Industry Forum

Since 1990 Alan has worked as a facilitator and strategist for a wide range of conservation groups, indigenous organizations, communities, progressive companies, and governments across Canada and internationally. His primary focus has been on designing and helping to implement social and environmental sustainability and leadership strategies. His worked has included projects throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Scandinavia. Alan has expertise in cross sector collaboration design and facilitation, non-profit organizational resilience, ethical practices certification programs in the forestry and mining sectors, large-scale conservation strategy development, as well as various legislative reform processes in the extractive sectors.

He has served on a variety of nonprofit boards and currently is Chairperson of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Chair of the Centre for Science in Public Participation, Steering Committee member of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance and is past Chair of the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada.