Chief Eric Morris

Chief, Teslin Tlingit Council

Eric has been in First Nation leadership roles since the 1980’s. In his early 20’s, he started his working career for Teslin Tlingit Council as an Education Support worker.
In his First Nation Leadership roles, he has served a 4-year term as Deputy Chief and two- 4 year terms as Chief of Teslin Tlingit Council. Eric has also served as Yukon Regional Chief for the Assembly of First Nations Yukon Region. Eric is presently a member of the Teslin Minor Hockey Association, serves on the board for the George Johnston Museum.
Eric is past Chairperson for Deisleen Development Corporation, a not-for profit Development Corporation for the community of Teslin. Presently, Eric is the Spokesperson for the Dakhl’awèdí Clan in Teslin.
Eric and his wife Kelly, own Nisutlin Trading Post, a business that sells groceries, hardware, fuel, and has 8 motel rooms for rent. Nisultin Trading Post first opened in 1908 which makes it one of the oldest businesses in Teslin. Eric is now midway through a four-year term as Naa Shaáde Háni (Chief) for Teslin Tlingit Council.