Michael A. MacDonald

Vice President of Exploration, Erdene Resource Development Corp.
Speaking at: Precious Metals

Mike MacDonald is a professional geoscientist with 40+ years of experience in resource exploration, management, executive leadership and research. Prior to joining Erdene Resource Development as Vice President Exploration for Mongolia in 2011, and Morien Resources as Vice President in 2012, Mike held several public-sector positions with the government of Nova Scotia, Canada, including research scientist, industry liaison, Director of the province’s geological survey and Executive Director of the Minerals Branch at the Department of Natural Resources. Mike has published extensively on a broad range of topics including geochemical exploration for metallic mineral deposits and the geology and economic potential of granitic terranes. In the private sector, Mike has experience principally in Canada and Mongolia, including exploration for base and precious metals, development of industrial mineral and coal resources, and exploration for oil and gas.