Student Poster Prize Judges are Go!

Student Poster Prize Judges are Go!

With the evenings getting dark ever earlier and holiday music blaring from every store front, it’s that time of year again. Yes, bust out those Adobe Illustrator moves, crank up Corel Draw, or cobble the whole thing together from Post-it notes, whatever your graphical preference, get cracking on this year’s submission for the Roundup Poster Session!

We welcome posters on any topic of mineral deposit and exploration geoscience (not property promos though, please!) and are particularly keen on showcasing cutting edge research being done by the many students working at universities in Canada and around the world. Whether you are working on a Canadian deposit, studying at a local university, or simply engaged in research that you think the mineral exploration community should hear about, please submit a poster for this year’s session.

As ever, AME are supporting our students by providing generous prizes for the top three entries. We are very pleased to announce that our judging roster for 2017 is yet another crack team of experts drawn from industry and the provincial and territorial surveys: Susan Flasha is a senior project geologist at Pretium Resources, with many years’ experience working in northern BC including the Brucejack epithermal gold-silver property; Dejan Milidragovic is a senior minerals geologist with the British Columbia Geological Survey, whose background is in ultramafic rocks and their associated ore deposits; and Patrick Sack is an economic geologist with the Yukon Geological Survey, who has experience in gold and copper systems both here and abroad.

We’d like to thank our judges for generously volunteering their time to help promote the excellent work being done by the newest members of the mineral deposit community. But now it’s over to you; what are you going to give them to think about? Deadline for abstract submissions is December 9th

Click here to submit an abstract today!

-John Chapman, Poster Session Co-Chair