A New Generation of Discovery

A New Generation of Discovery


A New Generation of Discovery

Every year, we choose a theme that is thought to be relevant, informative, and interesting to our membership. With a resurgence on the horizon for the industry, we are beginning to see new technologies come to the fore in hopes of enabling efficient and low-impact exploration. As a result, the Roundup 2018 Organizing committee selected […]

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Welcome to the Roundup 2018 website! Whether you’re a veteran of Mineral Exploration Roundup or it’s your first time, our website is an easy way to confirm your conference itinerary, register for Short Courses and Events, and seek out new programs that showcase the 2018 Theme: New Generation of Discovery. Here’s a general guide to […]

Bring your Family to Discovery Day on January 22

Have you heard of AME’s Discovery Day? Most Roundup attendees are already familiar with the mineral exploration industry, but are your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, and neighbours? Why not get the next generation informed about the world of opportunities in our industry and the important role it plays in our daily lives at AME’s Discovery […]

Student Poster Prize Judges are Go!

Student Poster Prize Judges are Go! With the evenings getting dark ever earlier and holiday music blaring from every store front, it’s that time of year again. Yes, bust out those Adobe Illustrator moves, crank up Corel Draw, or cobble the whole thing together from Post-it notes, whatever your graphical preference, get cracking on this […]

AME Roundup Blog

Welcome to the AME Roundup blog! We are so glad you stopped by. Below you’ll find a few reasons as to why we launched this blog, fun blog posts to look forward to, and some features you should check out on our new website. Why we are Blogging The AME Roundup Committee works hard to […]