Prospectors’ Tent

The Prospectors’ Tent provides an opportunity for independent prospectors to present new discoveries. Participants will have space to display grab samples, maps, assay results and other information to delegates.

Participant Information

The AME Roundup Prospectors’ Tent Committee will determine who participates. Criteria used in the selection process include the number and nature of the prospects, their novelty, and the quality and originality of the proposed display. Only independent prospectors and small, independent prospecting teams are eligible; larger groups and public companies are encouraged to participate in the Project Generators’ Hub or Exhibit Hall.

Selection Process

Selected prospectors will be formally confirmed via letter in November 2024. All prospectors are welcome to apply and exhibit, though preference will be given to BC and Yukon-based prospectors.


There are no costs to participating in the Prospectors’ Tent; however all confirmed prospectors must register for the conference. Participants will be required to purchase an individual AME membership and an AME Roundup Exhibit Hall or Full Delegate pass to access the exhibit hall area.

Prospectors’ Tent participants who participate in-person will receive a $250 rebate cheque after the conference to help cover participation costs.

On-site Booth

All Prospectors’ Tent booths will include the following:

  • one 10’ wide x 10’ deep booth
  • two 6’ skirted tables and two fabric chairs
  • one 4’x8’ horizontal freestanding posterboard
  • one LED light
  • one 750-watt power outlet
  • 24-hour peripheral security