Core Shack

The Core Shack showcases recent discoveries, leading prospects, advanced projects and operating mines from around the world. Core Shack 2025 will feature drill core samples from projects in diverse countries and settings representing a broad array of deposit types and project stages.

Participant Information

The AME Roundup Core Shack Committee will determine who participates and on which days. Criteria used in the selection process include the project name, commodities and most significant drill intercept reported. Each confirmed company will be required to submit an abstract for the conference Abstract Guide.

Selection Process

Selected companies will be formally confirmed to participate via letter from the Committee. Due to the volume of applications received, if you apply and do not receive a confirmation letter by November 15, 2024, please assume your company was not selected to participate in Core Shack 2025.


There is no cost for the Core Shack booth space. However, participating companies will be required to purchase an individual AME membership and an AME Roundup Exhibit Hall or Full Delegate pass to access the Exhibit Hall area.

On-site Booth

All Core Shack booths will include the following:

  • one 10’ wide x 10’ deep booth with backwall and sidewall drapery
  • two 6’ skirted tables and two fabric chairs
  • one 4’x8’ horizontal freestanding poster board
  • one LED light
  • one 750-watt power outlet
  • 24-hour peripheral security

Participating companies will be sent further information on shipping and ordering additional booth space items.