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East Convention Level / East Meeting Room 11
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Speaker(s): Vaughn Palmer Blair Lekstrom
Chair(s): Dr. Robert Stevens, AME Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Policy


Mineral exploration and development are an integral part of Canada’s economic landscape and provide significant benefits to both rural and urban communities in British Columbia and across the country. A competitive mineral exploration sector requires access to much of the provincial land-base for exploration, streamlined regulatory and permitting processes, support of the public and Indigenous communities and access to risk capital.

The Roundup 2020 government-industry forum will include the following:

  • Presentation by Blair Lekstrom, Dawson Creek City Councillor and former BC Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources on the theme of ‘Lessons in Public Engagement’. This is followed by a Q&A with Jody Shimkus, AME Board member and CEO of Kirk Environmental.
  • Presentation and panel moderation by Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun’s hard-hitting and award-winning provincial political columnist. The panel will include provincial and federal politicians and focus on the theme of competitiveness of British Columbia’s minerals sector.


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Monday, Jan 20 (1:45 pm - 4:00 pm)


East Convention Level
East Meeting Room 11

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