Precious Metals

East Convention Level / East Ballroom AB
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Speaker(s): Jean-Claude Blais Dr. Attila PĂ©ntek Bruno Lafrance
Chair(s): Albert Chong, Wheaton Precious Metals; Sheila Ulansky, SRK Consulting
Sponsor(s): Endeavour Silver Corp.

The Precious Metals Session will showcase selected precious metal exploration projects from across Canada and the world. The presentations will feature skilled mineral explorationists highlighting their recent successes based upon the elements of research, innovation, technical expertise, creative project management and leveraging their evolving geological models. The session will provide insights on a range of mineral deposits including, but not limited to precious metal rich mesothermal deposits, banded iron formation associated deposits, porphyry and epithermal deposits, and Carlin-style deposits in eastern Canada, the Americas and beyond.

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Wednesday, Jan 22 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)


Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Pl, Vancouver,
East Convention Level
East Ballroom AB

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